CyberBullying Tactics

Cyberbullying Tactics
The most important thing to understand, is how children are Cyberbullied. This is for easy recognition and access to act against. Bullying is cold and relentless, in many if not most cases causing the increase anxiety and depression. Some forms of cyberbullying are forms of harassment that cross the line into criminal activity. The decision in some states to prosecute the bullies for criminal harassment. There are many ways in which one can prevent Cyberbullying.

For Teens
Not Giving A Reaction- Bullies can feel more empowered powered knowing what they do bothers you.
Collecting Evidence- The only positive thing about online bullying. The acts can be easily saved. In the event things escalate.
Tell The Attacker to Stop- This being a personal choice, based on comfort, it has to be understood that the harassment is not accepted.
Seek Assistance- A friend or relative is good to process things with and further working through it. Especially if things are really bothering you.
Use Online Tools- Most Social sites allow you to block other accounts.

For Parents

Work with Your Child
What A Victim Says Helps
Restore Self-Respect
Gather Another Perspective

Tips to Help Stop Cyberbullying


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