Marginalized population






Society for years have depicted the black communities as impoverished, dangerous and a threat.  Leaving room for justification of government officials unlawful tactics  that were used to arrest , kill and even indite men of color. I chose this community because the urban/ black community has been victimized and ostracized because of current stigmas , language , preference in attire , and unfortunately just being apart of this group. Through extensive research i found that majority of arrest are made in minority communities and are policed more then others. ” Every 0.01 hours someone in the United States is arrested for having  marijuana; A black person is 3.73 times more likely to be arrested than a white person.” My organizations goal is to do three things prevent , educate and help these men remain out of the system . Prevention tackles the problem before it is given opportunity , by keeping these men on the fast track to stability , quality jobs , enrichment programs and educating them on their rights as a natural born citizen ; the fight begins .  Our plan is to proactively introduce these men while young with respect , opportunity , support and fundamental learning programs to enrich their self esteem , posture , verbal and literary skills to set them up for success . Many times young African American men fall through cracks because they are not awarded the same opportunity’s or safety as someone that is well off. Our program will serve as a refuge, a safe home but most importantly a grounded family. Focusing  on these men problems is the real focus because this is what have been neglected for years .



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