Fall 2013

During Fall 2013 our discussions will address the following topics and questions:

How Learning Works

How can we apply research-based principles in our teaching?

Course Climate

How can social, emotional, and intellectual dimensions impact learning?


How does motivation generate, direct, and sustain what we do to learn?

Mastery of Skills

What are the key elements needed to develop mastery?

4 thoughts on “Fall 2013

  1. Maria Bilello

    Do you think that each of the presenters, from each section would like to have their materials posted. This would allow for the further sharing of ideas between the groups for each topic posted? If so I will send you mine for ‘mastery’.

    1. Dr. Benito Mendoza Post author


      I have created a page for each one of the topics we are covering this semester. You can add any material you want to share. I posted mine as PDF with a link to it.



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