I was very happy with the way the concert turned out.  All the cues looked right, the reaction from the packed audience was enthusiastic, and the color-changing cyc worked even better than I had hoped it would.  Both the director and the producer told me that they were thrilled with the look of the show.

One thing I learned was that you can’t always count on a chorus to stand exactly where they’re supposed to (or even close).  The stage space was very compact, so it wasn’t easy to isolate the soloists and still keep enough light on the chorus.  When the front row of the chorus suddenly decides to step downstage three feet—a move that was never rehearsed!—they step right into the dark space between the soloists and the chorus lights (thorougly distressing the lighting designer!).

Overall, though, the show went well and I’m pleased with how my lighting design worked out.  I’m looking forward to designing additional shows at LaGuardia.