Progress Update 2

The second meeting with the panelists further emphasized my initial feedback. Although currently my project just has the logic working, they understood more with the gameplay but was asked to perhaps create a flowchart or wireframe to understand exactly how the ideal version of my project would look like since I am making a concept for it. I also received the feedback to add a sound to let players know when they have guessed an answer correctly which I thought would be fun as it would let players know easily without having to have text or other things appear on the screen. In addition to a wireframe I will also be creating a flow chart to show the exact way users will interact with the game as I feel this will be a useful addition. The feedback was very useful as we are approaching the final presentations soon.

Progress Update 1

The first progress update presentation panelists gave me insightful feedback as well as challenged me to define my project more carefully. Considering True Hue is a very conceptual project, they wanted to hear more specifics about how gameplay will work. This has made it so I need to think of a clear and concise way to explain the gameplay while also making sure it stays true to the idea and concept behind the game, as I received plenty of positive feedback on the idea. The hope is once my game has been further developed it will help people understand exactly how the game will play out and the exact moment to moment gameplay.