-Challenges and Successes,

-One battery for each camera
I made sure that all the cameras we had are always charged so if one camera dies out then we would use the other camera

-One SD card for each camera
Made sure we backed up every shots we did into multiple drives before we clean out the SD card for the next day.

-Limited amount of space
I made sure I had a dedicate spot to put the equipment.

Natasha asked all our crews and actors what we were doing wrong and gave us good advice to help do better in our next shooting days.

-Time Management
I made sure that Margarita or Natasha kept track of time, so that we can end on time and that no one gets home late.

-Our Roles in the project
Brandon Reyes– Director, Assistant Editor
Margarita Moctezuma– Head Video Editor,lighting technician
Natasha Bruno- Motion Graphics Director, Camera Operator
Lukasz Lypec– Screenwriter
Daniel Hui– Sound Operator
Ketak Dhiman- Producer
Lirazen Flipe- sound operator/ camera operator

-Actor/actresses                              -Character
Katherine Sundsted                       Katie Fritz
Joseph Larsen                                  Joe Fritz
Ketak Dhiman                                   Vincent Coll
David Perez                                        Dave 1
Leonel Mendoza                               Dave 2
Daniel Hui                                           Danny
Lana Roff                                             Chief
Cassandra Reyes                              Stephanie
Jennifer Cuffari                                 Kelly Murrow

-shot list – (locations and data)