Course Materials

This is the link to the textbook for the course (feel free to download it because it is an open resource textbook)

World History: Cultures, States, and Societies to 1500

Table of Contents

  • Chapter One: Prehistory
  • Chapter Two: Early Middle Eastern and Northeast African Civilizations
  • Chapter Three: Ancient and Early Medieval India
  • Chapter Four: China and East Asia to the Ming Dynasty
  • Chapter Five: The Greek World from the Bronze Age to the Roman Conquest
  • Chapter Six: The Roman World from 753 BCE to 500 CE
  • Chapter Seven: Western Europe and Byzantium circa 5 0 0 – 10 0 0 CE
  • Chapter Eight: Islam to the Mamluks
  • Chapter Nine: African History to 1500
  • Chapter Ten: The Americas
  • Chapter Eleven: Central Asia
  • Chapter Twelve: Western Europe and Byzantium circa1000 – 1500 CE