park pavillion


This is the Pavilion in Battery Park City which is a very unique sight seer. This structure is made of wood and bricks. The pillars have unique bricks because of the fact that they curve instead of being the normal straight type of brick. Also the design on the rooftop is very unique with a pattern that you can use to guide you with drawing a section axis. This pavilion has perfect symmetry and the sight is beautiful enough to even get married at.

Floor Plan

building tech plan121


This is a floor plan of the Esherick House which was designed by LOUIS KAHN. This 1961 home is located in Philadelphia. The house now is worth about $2-$3 billion dollars. Kahn’s principles of geometry, light and materiality are clearly expressed in the Esherick house. The floor plan reveals Kahn’s design of two symmetrical side-by-side rectangles.

Primitive Hut redo

primilative hut169


Igloos were shelters usually for people who lived in the arctic cold.  Igloos are made of frozen blocks and layered with snow and ice in between.  The entry was is small and as you go in the interior gets larger. To stay warm inside people would use either a small light or fire or warmer. The drawing shows the outer structure shape and also how the igloo is built.

Primitive Hut


My drawing isn’t perfect but it shows the structure of the igloo which was created by frozen cartons during a winter. The interior of this shelter is big enough to fit 2 adults. How this was created was with the use of the cartons and snow. They shoveled enough space to build the igloo and started with a layer of cartons followed by snow with some ice and let it sit then continued the pattern. Also the way it is structured the entry was is small and as you go in the interior gets larger. To stay warm in this frozen house, people would bring inside a small warmer, where the igloo wont melt.



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