Distance Education

Quizzes and polls

The OpenLab offers tools for adding quizzes or polls to your site. For specifics about grading see the Grading section.

Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On

  • You can use the Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On plugin to set up quizzes for your students.
  • You can view the results in the Dashboard (only admins — students can’t view results), set up quizzes to be graded, and export the results to a spreadsheet.

WP Polls plugin

  • With the WP Polls plugin, you can add a low stakes poll to your site.
  • This is different from a quiz, and won’t show separate results for each student, but you can use it to gather feedback from your students, or just as a fun and quick interactive tool.
  • For example, you could ask students to vote on potential paper topics, or pose a question about a recent class discussion or reading.

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