Gravity Forms Quiz Add On (Classic)

Gravity Forms Quiz Add On (Classic)

Gravity Forms is a robust plugin that can do many different things, from polling users, to collecting contact information, to organizing reservations for events, and more. It also has an add on that makes for a great way to give and automatically grade quizzes.

To use it, first you’ll need to activate the plug-in. You can do that on the plug-ins page. You will need to already have Gravity Forms activated. You will also see a couple of messages about registering your copy of Gravity Forms and the Add On. Don’t worry about those.

gf quiz add on 1

Once you’ve done that, go to the “Forms” section of your dashboard and create a “New Form.” In the “Advanced Fields” you’ll see what at first seems a very small change: a new option called “Quiz”

gf quiz add on 2

Clicking that will add the “Quiz” field to your form. Clicking the small arrow in the upper right of that field will open up the options that you see here:

gf quiz add on 3

There are a lot of things you can do here, but to create a basic quiz question you change the “Quiz Question” field, and change “First Choice,” “Second Choice,” etc., to your desired answers. Click the small check mark next to the correct answer (see the arrow below). You should end up with something like this:

gf quiz add on 4

Repeat that process for each question in your quiz. At some point, you can add the information you’d like to capture from each student–email, etc. In this case, all I want is to know their name, so I’ll add a “Name” field to the top of my form:

gf quiz add on 10

When you’re all finished, click update form:

gf quiz add on 5

You then can place the quiz on a page or a post by selecting it via the “Add Form” button which appears as an option on any post or page you decide to create:


Once published, your students then can take the quiz:

gf quiz add on 12

When you want to look at the results, find the form via the dashboard, and click “Entries” below the form title. You will see something like this, with the quiz takers’ names, their answers, and the number correct (you can also click to see their quiz itself):

gf quiz add on 11

And if you so choose, you can even export the results to a spreadsheet! Just find “Import/Export” under “Forms” on the dashboard and choose “Export Entries.”

gf quiz add on 13

For more advanced functions, including setting up quiz grading, see the documentation on the Gravity Forms site.

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