Courses, Projects, and Clubs

Changing the avatar (profile picture) for a Course, Project, or Club

To change the avatar for any course, project, or club, make sure that you’re logged in, and then go to your course, project, or club profile page.

1. Once there, click Project Settings in the right-hand menu, then click Change Avatar in the Settings menu (just below the line below your group name on the profile page).

2. Once you’ve chosen and uploaded a file from your computer, you’ll be prompted to choose a square area from your image.  If you want to stretch or change an image (anything other than cropping), you’ll need to do so with another program, before uploading.  Once you’ve chosen an area, click Save, and your new avatar should appear.

Changing Avatar Screen Shot

From this page you are also able to delete your avatar, but we recommend uploading a new one, rather than reverting to the default.