For years, BIPOC people have made contributions to the world of art and design that have gone unrecognized. The purpose of this project is to help us as a community undo the harm that has been done by the colonization of the narrative about ideas and innovation, leaving space for BIPOC contributions only as side notes in the history of visual culture. As institutions of research and instruction, we are tasked with developing knowledge, creating curricula, and passing on truths. If we want to maintain credibility and relevance, we must be responsive, inclusive, and active in our work.

LeRoy Winbush

‘You have to get to the table where the decisions are being made. The way to change something is to be active in it instead of complaining on the sidelines.”

LeRoy Winbush, who was born in 1915. His ambition might be summarized best this way: though it took him 11 years to be accepted as the first Black member of the Art Directors Club of Chicago, it took him only five more to become its president.

Dorothy Hayes

“When I came to New York ten years ago I couldn’t find anybody blacks in the commercial art field. Finally, after I found a job on my own, I did start to encounter black people. But in the course of trying to develop my talent I discovered that if I went to them for some direction, they just wouldn’t give it. “

“Nobody wanted to take the time to show or tell me anything. I vowed then that if I made it, I would never turn my back on any black person who came to me for advice and who really wanted to learn.”

She understood the design field not only as a Black person, but also as a woman. She went on to navigate the field of design as a seasoned professional. And became successful in her field and went on to live up to her word of sharing what she knew in the field of education.

She went on to teach design at New York City College of Technology. Professor Dorothy Hayes, the department’s first full-time Black professor in the design program at City Tech.

Faride Mereb

Faride is an award-winning  book designer,  researcher and editor with over 10 years of experience. Originally from Venezuela, She is currently based in New York City and hold ongoing artistic collaborations in Latin America and Europe. 

Her experience encompasses designing for newspapers, directing creative projects for academic institutions, printed matter for children’s editorial and project management for many publications both nationally and internationally.

Mereb is also the founder and editor of Letra Muerta, a small press I founded with master printer Javier Aizpurua with his renowned press Ex Libris.

Dokho Shin

 Dokho Shin is a graphic designer based in Seoul and Berlin.
As a graphic designer who has produced dozens of more books, exhibition catalogs, and posters for nearly 10 years, his work process has mainly started with the request for design productions. But if there is no client, what does the graphic designer’s work start with?

Shin is a prolific designer specializing in print and composition design. His mastery of type design and composition has brought him to the top of his field.

Votan Henriquez

Founder of NSRGNTS and known for their powerful city murals, Votan Henriquez (Maya/Nahua) is a multifaceted street artist based out of LA and Albuquerque. Votan grew up amidst the birth of Los Angeles street art which involved tagging, graffiti, and wheat pasting to create powerful statements in community spaces. Votan has traveled around the world, participating in mural festivals in South America, Artist in Residence in Dubai, and Hip Hop graffiti tours in the U.S. and Europe. In addition to his work with NSRGNTS, Votan plans to further expand his creative endeavors to include an upcoming podcast and documentary with his wife Leah Lewis.

Votan Henriquez