Summer 2014 Interns

Manhin Lam

    The Internship: Manhin Lam completed her Internship this Summer at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Ayesha Rasool

    The Internship: Ayesha Rasool completed her Internship this Summerat the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center




    About Ayesha: Ayesha Rasool is a senior level undergraduate student in Biomedical Informatics major. She is also one of the peer leaders for Bio 1101 workshops for professor Smyth’s students for the academic year of 2013-2014. As part of her major, she has taken various advanced level biology courses including cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology and bioinformatics. Now she is applying her experience and expertise as a Biology major to help upcoming students with their learning in the subject by instilling the habit of reading and understanding the textbook material regarding each lecture in order to expand their knowledge on the subject. Her goal is to inspire her students to work hard from the beginning of their educational career so they can fulfill their dreams of working in various health care professions one day. In order to prepare for her workshops, she has been researching empirical studies on effective learning strategies for introductory level biology courses and on interacting with students who are inexperienced with college level of commitment to their studies.


    Outside of her course work, she has shown her commitment towards her potential career as a researcher in the field of bioinformatics by holding the position of vice president in the Biomedical Informatics (BIB) club. She helps other officers in arranging networking and promotional events for the club. She also provides assistance to her fellow students interested in this particular field of study by giving advice on course work and finding opportunities in research and other professional venues.

    In her free time, she likes to indulge in her hobby of watching classical Hollywood movies and reading about the lives of those enigmatic personalities who have graced the silver screen in the past