What is Med3910?

MED3910 is the course number assigned to the capstone in the major for Biomedical Informatics. This course requires a corresponding Internship experience where the student performs independent research in Biology, Bioinformatics or Health Informatics. Research requires that one asks a research question or has a hypothesis with a subsequent plan in examining and analyzing the data. 

MED3910 is not a course that will accept clerical, data entry or secretarial internships as they do not have inherent research involved nor to they have the student illustrate the culmination of the degree.

Introduction to the course

Welcome to the site for the Internship in Biomedical Informatics Course (MED 3910). This site will serve to give you information on finding and applying for internships as well as enrolling in the course. It is up to you to make sure that you keep an eye on dates and deadlines, check the calendar below and look for emails from the Internship Coordinator, Prof. Seto. The BIB club will also email you with opportunities for Internships, if you are a member of the club. It is the student’s responsibility to seek out internship opportunities that are relevant to the major. The Department does NOT place you.

Remember to be eligible to enroll in this course, you must have taken MED 4229, and BIO 3352, and be enrolled in the Biomedical Informatics Program. If you have not taken these classes and have found an Internship, contact the Internship Coordinator to discuss and you may receive permission to register. You will need the permission of the internship coordinator (who may over-ride the pre-requisites) and will only be admitted to the course upon providing a internship Research Plan. A preliminary Research Plan should be provided to the Internship coordinator at least 2 weeks prior to the start of classes for the semester of intended registration.

Most programs only offer places to Interns with a GPA of 3.0 to 3.3 so competition is very high, you should apply early. Stand out when you apply. How do you do this? Have some research experience under your belt. Take part in  Undergraduate Research Programs available at City Tech. This way you have something to write about in your personal statement, you have something extra on your CV and you have a mentor who is capable of writing a good recommendation.

Instructions Before Seeking an Internship

    1. Seek out volunteer opportunites to conduct research with faculty
    2.  When enrolled in Bioinformatics 1, student must meet with their faculty advisor, and write a personal statement and résumé.
      • Your faculty advisor is NOT the Program Director who signed you into the program
      • You are notified of your faculty advisor by school email along with advisement hours during the advisement period. Otherwise, check the Department for office hours
    3. When enrolled in Bioinformatics 1, student must attend an Internship Symposium where students finishing the experience will defend their projects in an open oral examination.
    4. Students must submit a résumé/CV and personal statement to the Internship Coordinator prior to requesting a meeting regarding the Internship.
    5. Investigate Internship possibilities making use of the internship contacts before meeting with the Internship Coordinator to illustrate due diligence.
      • Deadlines and due dates for applications must be considered.
      • The internship coordinator periodically sends out announcements regarding opportunities. These come mostly in October/November for the next summer.
    6. Students can begin to apply for internships the semester before enrolling in the prerequisite courses, if they are to be taken concurrently. If not, student must begin to apply in the semester before enrolling in the second prerequisite course. 
    7. Interview for internship positions.
    8. In order to enroll on MED 3910, the following must all apply:
      • Permission to enroll will only be granted to those who supply a tentative Research Plan (proposal in the format provided in the manual) to the Internship Coordinator by 4 weeks prior to the initiation of the semester of intended registration. 
      • The prerequisite courses have been taken (but may be over-ridden)
      • The internship site has agreed to take the student and filled in the necessary paperwork.
      • The internship coordinator must have approved the internship.

Plan of Action


The Internship is graded as follows:
Spring 2019

Fall 2018

Spring 2018


Fall 2017

Summer 2017

  • Research Plan 10%
  • Introduction and Citations 5%
  • Student journal 7.5%
  • Midterm progress report 15%
  • Supervisor evaluations 20% (mid & final)
  • Final written report 25%
  • Oral presentation 17.5%

Spring 2017

  • Research Plan 10%
  • Student journal 10%
  • Midterm progress report 17.5%
  • Supervisor evaluations 20% (mid & final)
  • Final written report 25%
  • Oral presentation 17.5%

Fall 2016

    • Research Plan 10%
    • Student journal 10%
    • Midterm progress report 15%
    • Supervisor evaluations 30%
    • Final written report 20%
    • Oral presentation 15%