Biomedical Informatics

The program curriculum includes a set of foundational courses in biological sciences (general biology, anatomy & physiology), computer technology (programming and databases), and mathematics (calculus and statistics), supported by an extensive list of Gen Ed courses, advanced courses in molecular biology and pathophysiology, molecular bioinformatics, health informatics, and health services administration and elective courses computer Systems, focusing on database structures and systems; computation, directed towards study in computer algorithms and programming; and science/Pre-Med, expanding student training in the basic sciences. Finally, a required 5-credit internship course provides a culminating experience for students to prepare them for rewarding careers. Refer to the College Catalog for the list of required courses and approved elective courses. Students must consult with an assigned program advisor to ensure proper course selection and timely progress through the set program of study.


Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field of sciences focused around the storage, retrieval, analysis and organization of Biologically relevant data. This data often reflects sequence data in the form of nucleotides and amino acids.

  • genomics
  • sequence analysis
  • genome annotation
  • comparative genomics
  • evolutionary biology
  • personalized medical screening
  • ancestry
  • expression
  • systems biology
  • image analysis
  • structure
  • network analysis


  • Career opportunities in bioinformatics
  • Workshops and further training in Bioinformatics
  • Online resources
  • Medical Informatics

    Health informatics is a discipline at the intersection of numerous fields. Similar to Bioinformatics, computational techniques are applied towards answering questions revolving around social sciences, behavioral sciences, healthcare, public health and epidemiology. Organization, storage and retrieval of health records through adherence to clinical guidelines, patient privacy, ontologies or medical coding is the core of this discipline to aid in healthcare. This field converges with traditional bioinformatics as a translational field as manifested by personalized medicine.


  • Career opportunities in Medical Informatics
  • Workshops and further training in Medical Informatics
  • Online resources