COMD 1100 Portfolio

This is one of my most favorite assignments. The main reason why this is my most favorite mainly because i was able to do something in this class that i was good at so there wasn’t any stress more like enjoyment. I also loved the fact that my professor gave me freedom for this assignment and allowed me to do what i felt looked best on/for it. Last but not least on the reason why is because although im somewhat used to making abstract objects they never came as good and vibrant as this one came out.

The flag is one of my liked assignments mostly because we are given the opportunity to depict ourselves in a flag that shows what people think of us, how we think of ourselves, and our favorite activities.
My flag depicts a moody dark night that as well features some of my favorite hobbies, and interests. The dark night/thundering clouds represent on how people see me as a person. For example people see me as a pessimistic, condescending, and moody person. But the sun shows that deep down personally how i am if you get to know me that i don’t actually have those negative traits and if you get to know me you can see the positive side of me. The controller and the logo represents gaming. Im a huge competitive person when it comes to certain games and i have a deep interest and as well i enjoy it passionately as a hobby. The basketball represents my favorite other hobby which is basketball. My love for basketball was so strong ever since i was a young little kid. Overall i also liked the fact that i was able to present my flag to the class to show them the meaning and was as well happy to see people understanding the meaning of my flag.

Last assignment that reaches my top 3 is the texture. Took me awhile to get all the correct textures that i actually liked for the assignment making sure i got different materials but all in all it came out good.
What i also liked about this assignment was the fact that i would hunt around my house for different and unusual weird textures. Although you can’t feel but see the textures i still find it easy to be able to visualize a feeling of you actually touching it. Also i made sure that i used textures that i created for example a crumbled then wetted piece of paper makes a very rough and stale texture so it was as well fun to do that as well. But all in i enjoyed this assignment as much as the other 2.

Overall i enjoyed the class itself mainly because it was different in whole compared to my other classes. We was able to let our imagination become free with these assignments and as well made sure we sticked to the task and didn’t get way to imaginative and lazy with the work.


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