Thoughts on Sweat

Watching Sweat on Broadway was an amazing experience for me, because I have never watched a play before. The play was humorous and full of emotions. It also raised the political issue of 2008, which kind of resonates with the recent presidential election. Also, there are some racial issues that are presented in the play. For example, in the beginning of the play, Jaosn calls Evan the “N” word and this kind of racism still occurs today. Altogether the play was magnificent.


I enjoyed the round table. It was an honor to see a writer who have written 18 books. I really liked when Sarah explained the reason behind putting Bette in the plot of The Cosmopolitans. Also, when Sarah talked about how the women inequality has changed from her time to now was very interesting.

Assignment 1

My name is Alaur Rahman. My first name (Alaur), does not have a meaning. However, my second name (Rahman), has several meanings. It means beneficent as well as merciful. It’s one of the names of the Islamic god, Allah.

All of my brothers’ last name is Rahman. My parents gave us this name because they want us to be merciful and kind to others.

I have met many people with the name Rahman, but I was never able to compare or relate to them. However, I met only one person who had my first name. It was very interesting because he didn’t just look like me but also had the same personality.

Although, people with Islamic names are facing difficulties because of the current situation (many think that people with Islamic names are violent), I like both my first and last name.