Reflection on Sweat

It was an amazing experience to go and watch a broadway show and since it was my first time watching a broadway show I was very excited about it. The show was really amazing and had a really good message. I was kind of lost in the beginning of the show but later on I understood it. Each and every character played a very crucial rule in the play and especially Cynthia was my favorite. The play left us with an open ended question that how did Cynthia ( Jason mother) got poor when she was a supervisor and she had the edge over other employs but the show really amused me.


Well it was amazing to meet Sarah Schulman or i will say an honor to meet a person who has written 18 published books .This was actually my first time meeting an author or a writer. She was very open minded and i liked how she started her introduction i actually wanted to ask her what made her or inspire her to write books but she already said it when she started talking about her. It was a great experience meeting her.

Assignment # 1

Hi, my name is Muhammad Atif. I know it is a very common name for muslims because it is the name of the islamic prophet. My first name ( Muhammad ) means “the most praised one” and my last name ( Atif ) means “kind”. Muhammad is my family name so that’s why I was given this name but Atif was actually given to me by my uncle because he really liked it but I am actually happy that I was given this name because Atif is also the name of the most popular singer in my country ( Pakistan ) so whenever I tell people my name they usually compare me to that singer even though I am not a singer but it is kind of interesting to me that I am being compare him.