Reflection on Sweat

Seeing Sweat was a very good introduction to seeing plays on Broadway and made in interested in attending more plays in the future. Overall the play was amazing and the actors were great. The play dealt with topics that we are facing today and how divided our country is on many topics. This play focuses on the issues of race and jobs, topics that are being discussed by many politicians and citizens in the country. It shows how one event, in this case losing your job, can change the way you see those who were once your friends or allies and can change your ideology of what’s right and wrong. The character of Oscar being shown as the scapegoat to why the other characters lost their jobs gives a perfect example of how the country is today blaming immigrants for America’s problem, making what was once a personal issue to a public issue. This hit home with me because being a Latino right now in the United States makes me and my family scapegoats and it’s a issue my race would have to face till it fades away.

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