My Time At The Internship Self Reflection

I have spent the last five months working at Calling All Graphics as an intern. I have worked on many different projects, and with each project I feel like I have improved my skills. I got to experience how it feels to work with/for demanding clients through a boss that is very particular and thorough about her designs.  I also learned a lot of tips and techniques to improve my projects.  I enjoyed my time at the internship, and I am very grateful for the experience.  It has been very beneficial to me since I will be graduating and going into the workforce soon. 

Fairey Copyright Case

The readings about the Fairey copyright case could have been avoided if he had given credit to the original source. He should have known that he had to give credit since he hid the true identity of the original source. Both sides came to an agreement on how to move forward and settle the case, but they still believed that their arguments were correct and did not change their stands. In the end, although they did not change their perspective on the case, they were able to agree on Fairey getting the required license from AP to use their photos, a financial agreement and a plan on working with each other in the future. 

I agree with the idea that when you use work created by someone else,  you need to give them credit for it. Even if you alter the images, the original photographer/artist should be credited for the inspiration. 

Whenever I write a paper, I am required to cite the sources in the form of a bibliography. When,  I am creating a creative pieces with photographs, I use free stock imagery sites such as, and many others or take the pictures/videos myself. These sites do not require attribution. However, when I am required to give the artist/photographer attribution, I state exactly who took the photo/video giving the person his/her credit. In doing so, it allows readers to get the correct information about the article or projects that I created and the resources I use. I believe that eliminates controversy as to who did what.

The Mill Dinner Time Special

This project is for the Mill, I had to create an A Frame board to put outside of the restaurant to advertise the dinner special. I started by setting up laying out my text. Then I started to place the imagery, the images were given to us from the client. Ms.Gotay made some changes to the layout my changing the placement of the text and making it larger so that it stands out more

Create Your Own Salad

This is my most recent project at my internship. I edited this board to make it more simplified. I started by changing the steps then I took out all the ingredients. then moved the text around till I was satisfied with the layout.

Astor Plate Menu Board

This is project I worked on for a few days. I started by arranging the text to make sure that both sides of the board were even. After I made sure the layout was correct, I made sure all the prices were correct. When I finished with the prices, Ms. Gotay sent it to the client to be approved. After sending it to the client, I had to make some more price changes.

2nd App Review – Sol LeWitt App

The second app that I reviewed was the Sol Lewitt app. The sol LeWitt app is owned by Microsoft. This app was created in 2009.   This app was created discover Sol LeWitt artwork all over the world.  When you find a panting, the app has a feature that allows you to scan the painting to get more information on the piece.  There are two of his paintings in New York City.
The two painting that I saw were whirl and twirl at 59th- Columbus circle train station and wall drawing #934 at the Conrad hotel.  These paintings use a lot of vibrant colors. 

1st App Review – Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft is a very well-known company. They have many different applications for people to use. One of the apps I decided to talk about for my app reviews is Microsoft To-Do. It is an app that helps you keep track of your task for the day. I learned about and started using this app at my internship.  This app is very easy to use and very helpful. 

Ms. Gotay created a folder for each of the interns on Microsoft to-do, then sheets puts our daily tasks for specific projects in our folders. You can give detailed instructions and set multiple tasks. As you complete each task you can check mark them to show that you complete it.

Farmers Pizza & Grill Board

For this project I had to create a board that showed everything that Farmers Blvd sells. I started by searching for imagery of all the items that they sell. once I found the imagery, I started to layout the my images and I tried out different fonts and effects on the type. with help from Ms.Gotay we added some more images and changed the color of the effect behind the text.