Pete Wells Restaurant review Gunter Seeger

This week’s restaurant review is Gunter Seeger’s Pete Wells splits his reviews subject into two sections: the history of Mr.Seeger’s career, and Pete Wells opinion on his skills as a chef.

Throughout Mr.Seeger’s career there is one thing his has always says “I do it my way” and by that he means only his way, for example instead of the restaurant offering reservations, the restaurant began to sale entry tickets for $185 per person including service that’s not including what you have to pa for the course meal of $148. Mr.Seeger is very unyielding about his methods which is one of the reasons for his success but its also part of the reason for his occasional, though this ticket scheme with only temporary.

Besides this misgiven of being of being stubborn, his skills as a chef is nothing if not impeccable and I’m talking about his food but also his style of cooking being almost disciplinary he doesn’t try for bizarre juxtapositions, nothing that would be weird to be seen together on his dishes. Mr.Seeger’s approach is “…simplistic, but also technically perfect.”.


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