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The End of the Semester

As my 1st semester is coming to an end, I can say that I will be finishing college with a bachelor degree. Yes school as been really stressful, personally what was stressful was not the assignments that’s assign but procrastinating and getting distracted. This lead to completing my assignments last minute putting myself stressing with less sleep. I can’t blame anyone but myself  knowing that im responsible for getting my stuff done. Then again this is my first experience in college and I can say that I am getting the hang of it, I feel comfortable walking around campus, I feel comfortable in using school resources and meeting new people. I can say that it will only get better and that I should always have a goal to keep my motivation going. College is what I expected it to be, big, expensive, freedom… its new open doors and I will definitely tackle everything that stands in my way. 

About me

My name is spelled different than others, I’m literally the only Briaynt in the world. I attended a hospitality program in Long Island City High School, I have a passion for swimming. These years were really interesting but some academic experience that I have encountered was being introduced to hospitality. There I learned food & beverage, customer service, geography & tourism and Event planning. We’ve worked collaboratively to perform projects and as well hosted school events while the culinary provided the food. Some goals I’m trying to fulfill is a bachelor degree here in city tech. In high school I did not perform the best i can, I usually did the minimum to pass test and classes and I regret it due to the fact I was not challenging myself. Something I want to achieve is to open my own hotel. Being in this program also gave me the opportunity to job shadow plenty hotels, I did volunteer work in the NY Expo, participated in Professional Development American Management Association course. I Also did a paid summer internship as a human resource at Park Hyatt Hotel and worked at Red Rooster as a host. A strength I have is prioritizing what’s important but there is always room for improvements. But this skill will be a professional attribute.


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