Autonomous Vehicles Race

Prof. Mendoza and the participants of the first City Tech AV-Race (December 2019). Thanks to Google for the swag!

The Autonomous Vehicle Race is an event hosted by The City College of Technology in which students pitch their self-driving cars head to head in a race of speed, precision, and handling in which you’ll all get to show off both your mechanical and programming skills. The first City Tech AV-Race took place on December 19, 2019. Twenty-eight students forming eight racing teams raced their smart machines.

On this website, you’ll find more about the races. Also, this site is a guide for your to start racing; we show you where to find parts, how to build your machine, how to program it, and how to train it to properly navigate the racecourse on its own.

Specifically, we will be going over Donkey Car, a relatively cheap alternative that is the most accessible to students, and quite customizable.