Sketchbook Pro App Review


Sketchbook Pro is a very interesting app that I’ve been using on my new Nook 7. I don’t actually recommend using a Nook for drawing, or any app that is really draining on the device because the performance really becomes sluggish and slowed down. The Nook can do every thing except speak on the phone, but its biggest strength is in books so I don’t advise using it on that. With that being said, my friend has an iPad. I downloaded it on his iPad and used Sketchbook Pro a bunch of times. And this is not my first time hearing about Sketchbook Pro, so It is not entirely new to me. After using it a bit, I have to say it really does make drawing digitally much more friendly. I’m not the biggest fan of drawing digitally. I can’t really draw, but when I do, I definitely prefer using a sketchbook. It took a while to get used to. Digital art after a while starts to all look similar and less authentic to me because the imperfections of real on paper art stands out more. The vectors, art brush and stuff like that start to look very digital, and yeah it looks nice but I’m not a huge fan.

I can see this being very useful whenever I do get an iPad. I also like how Sketchbook Pro’s strokes look very smooth and all. Usually I would sketch something out, use the scan app on my phone then import it into illustrator. With Sketchbook though, a lot of time is reduced by just going straight digital instead of sketching on paper.The interface is very nice looking, colorful, and user friendly. For those who have an iPad and love to draw, its perfect and it kills two birds with one stone. Go get this app!

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