What’s in a Word?


Burgundy is a red, warm color, a mixture of pink and red. Its hex is #800020 and is made of 50.2% red, 0% green, and 12.5% blue. Its deep reddish brown shade is inspired by wine from the Burgundy region of France. That region is named after the ancient Germanic tribe, Burgundians. It is a sophisticated and serious red color that symbolizes ambition, wealth, and power.


For the sketches, I created the first concept to be of a wine bottle spilled its wine with the name of the bottle being Burgundy.

My second concept was based on Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. I would create a man in a burgundy suit, similar to the one in the movie.

My last concept was just the word only in a severe and sophisticated font surrounded by the color, burgundy.

Concept #1

This concept shows the wine bottle spilling burgundy wine. It also has blue, white, and red on the edge to reveal the France flag. The font chosen is an elegant script.

This concept is an illustration of a man in a burgundy suit. It is inspired by Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. The font used is similar to the font used in the movie poster. I also added a mustache to the design, similar to the one in the movie.

This concept has the font in a modern typeface to make it look sophisticated. France is colored in burgundy with the French region, Burgundy is colored in white. France is outlined with a blue, white, and red gradient which represents the flag.


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Visual Quote Project

Phase 1: Sketch

The first step is to sketch my ideas. The quote I chose was “Just Keep Swimming” from the movie Finding Dory. The quote was chosen because it is a nice reminder to never give up and to keep pushing.



The first sketch was inspired by the movie Finding Dory. I wanted to show Dory swimming toward the light and away from all the darkness and bad stuff like the shark.

The second sketch was meant to be different from the movie. It is intended to show a man swimming and being able to break free from being pulled down by the anchor.

The third sketch is meant to be of an image. The image used is the ocean with coral reefs and fishes. The text should be wavy to show that it is underwater.

The Final

This concept shows Dory being shined with light, swimming away from the shark. Dory has a trail following her, showing the type. It has a gradient on the background to show the water getting deeper. The illustrations message is to keep swimming that you will eventually get to the light, or to a better situation.

This concept shows a man swimming away with an anchor on the for and a rope attached to it. The rope is supposed to show that it was once dragging the man down, but the man was able to break free from the anchor. This illustration is supposed to show to never give up and to keep pushing and swimming.

For this concept, I had taken an image and in Photoshop I was able to fix the lighting and make it more colorful. With the text, I wanted to make it seem underwater. I changed the text to make it semi-transparent and I added a blur to the text.