Take a look at who I am . . .

I was born in Brooklyn, NY where I was raised for 15 years. Throughout the years living in Brooklyn I witnessed horrific situations that changed my entire view on the way we live. On my 15th birthday I moved to Queens, NY and have been living there ever since. Entering City Tech in 2011 as a fashion marketing major. Three days into the semester I realized fashion wasn’t my passion. Seeing with my own eyes people whom I love suffer with alcohol and drug abuse made me come to realize the human service profession was where my heart wanted to be.

Growing up around alcoholics and drug addicts, I learned it isn’t only an addiction these individuals have but a disease. I have always wished there was a way for them to understand that there are resources they can seek to treat their addictions. This is where I came across the field of human services. Coming into the college environment I did not know much of what the profession provided. I started city tech as a fashion major and later through personal experiences I became passionate about becoming an advocate for other addicts like those I have seen in my community. Entering the fall semester into my HUS 1101 course that’s where I became familiar with the different career options a human service degree could provide now I knew I had made the right decision in changing majors.

If I had to describe myself, I would say I am open minded to others and non judgmental, two characteristics that I believe that are important when working as a human service professional. Throughout the years I have lived through certain experiences, which have taught me, we all need a helping hand at times. The fact that I have experienced situations that some clients may have experienced as well will allow me to be an effective human service professional. The reason I think this way is because I feel I have been “in the clients shoes”.

I envision myself working with the population of adolescents who are suffering from alcohol and drug abuse. I hope to understand each individual that comes to seek guidance from me and lead them to the process of recovery. As well as understanding each individual for who they are, I want to understand the reason for turning to alcohol and drugs and how it makes them feel. Lastly, I want to learn the different reasons for why each individual turns to drugs and alcohol. I have chosen this specific career path and population because of the family and friends I have seen hurt themselves by using alcohol and drugs. Seeing both family and friends use has both hurt me but inspired me to want to make a difference and show these individuals that there is more to life than alcohol and drugs.

What I know mainly of the profession is that the setting is often taken place in groups. Also, in this profession you must have good attending skills to hold a group together or even a one on one session. As well as learning how to get rid of any bias’s one may have. I have developed these skills after sitting in numerous narcotic anonymous meetings to get the real feeling of experiencing a group session.

After graduation I hope to gain a job from the internship that will help launch my career. With gaining the appropriate helping and learning skills I will progress to be an effective human service professional. Looking into the future I want my career to be moving along with a master’s degree in counseling and therapy. Having my own degree I want to build my own private practice for adolescents.

In order to have a successful career I must first succeed in passing all of my courses and completing my internships. The knowledge I gain from my courses will help me get to where I need to be in order to become a great counselor. The most rewarding feeling is knowing that I am on my way to saving lives.