About Me

I am currently a┬áCommunications Design bachelor’s student at City Tech. I graduated from Fordham High School of the Arts in Bronx, NY. My elementary school was C.S.6. in the bronx, right down the block from my home. After graduating from C.S.6. I went to a nearby middle school named Accion Academy that was only a year old at the time. Throughout my schooling career, I have been a straight A and B student.

Working Experience
I have absolutely no working experience. Only work I’ve had is school, and that’s not the type of work that gets you any money (besides college).

Other little facts
I enjoy trivia and learning new things. I’ve been drawing since I was about four years old. I was offered a spot in an art competition at the age of 6, but I rejected because the competition was for children age 10-12. I began playing video games at the age of 1. My biggest fears are any forms of public speaking, stage fright and my newly aquired fear of heights.

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