Blog Post #6

BLOG POST #6 Write a reflection contrasting issues in U.S. and international preservation (300 words). This is the final blog post of the semester.

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Blog Post #5

Research an example of cultural heritage preservation. Compose a reflection summarizing your findings (250 words).  


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Blog Post #4

For this week’s class (11/11), if you have not done so already, please submit your final project plan in addition to the blog post below.

BLOG POST #4 Compose a response to either the Roberta Gratz or the Brian Connolly article that articulates your position on right-sizing and preservation(300 words).

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Guest Speaker 9/30 + Blog Post #3

In the second half of our class on 9/30, we will have a guest speaker from the Historic Districts Council. Attendance at guest lectures is required, so please make every effort to attend this class session.

BLOG POST #3 Research a recent preservation controversy in New York City. Write a reflection identifying the major issues, actors and arguments on each side (300 words).

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Police Powers Handout + Blog Post #2

Please review the attached Police Powers Handout¬†handout for next week’s class.

BLOG POST #2 Choose a quote from the South Carolina SHPO Quotes aboutpreservation. Write a short reflection about your quote and what meaning you believe it has today (200 words). Link above.

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Reading for Next Week + Blog Post #1

I have attached the Green reading from Preservation of What? For Whom? below. This is part of your assigned reading for next week.

The Social Construction of Historical Significance

BLOG POST #1 Reflect on the assigned readings, incorporating concepts from last week’s class discussion (400 words).  Post your reflection as a comment on this post below. 

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Please post reflections on assigned topics here. There will be a new prompt every week that a reflection is due. You may post your reflection as a comment on the prompt. Students must follow class blogging guidelines and CityTech policies regarding use of internet resources and pubic forums.

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