Presentation Drawing Ideas

I showed lots of you ideas when we had desk crits today – here are some I grabbed to give you inspiration.

Presentation drawing ideas


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Minimum Final Presentation Requirements

  • Zoning –
    • Special Districts
    • Massing Studies
    • Physical Model of Massing
  • Site Strategy
    • Development of open-space
    • Circulation
    • Design Responses to inventory and analysis
  • Housing Presentation
    • Exterior Perspectives
    • Physical Model of Buildings
    • Typical Housing Plan
      • Color Code plans – to separate apartments
    • Ground Floor Plan
      • Enlarged open spaces
    • Site Section – the original and with your design (Exist + Proposed)
    • Sales Brochure
      • Sell your idea
      • Feature the special spaces
      • Feature one apartment


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Place Making

Place Making Booklet


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Presentation drawing Ideas

Attached are a couple of examples of drawings that show concept for larger urban housing projects.

Presentation Drawing Ideas



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new articles – great reads and lots of information

Architecture vs. Housing: The Case of Sugar Hill

Here is a good 2 bedroom layout and you can see how this could be a 1 bedroom and a 3 bedroom if you add another bedroom to the right side….

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11/7 Presentation

Presentation from your blog to include:


Site Section

Site Strategy Plan

Plot Plan – showing boundaries, dimensions, area and FAR

Housing Unit plans

Typical floor plates for housing including units and Egress (2 Fire stairs and Elevators)

Neighborhood Lot Layout- in-class exercise – plan/diagram

Massing – Physical model on a physical site model



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Photos of one bedroom lecture

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Tuesday October 29th

David Kramer of Hudson Inc. Speaker

Posted to your Blog:

Precedent Studies

Rules with Diagrams

Site Plan showing all boundaries – and Area

Area calculations – buildable and open space

Site Sections

1 Bedroom and 2 Bedroom Layouts

Site Strategy Diagrams

Begin to work on location of exit stairs in your building massings

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Guest Speaker – David Kramer from Hudson Inc

David Kramer will join our class 10/29 at 9:30-10:15. Please be on time and ready to listen and respond.

Attached is his companies website so that you can see the variety of projects that his firm does – both affordable housing and fair market housing, along with institutional buildings. His firm worked on the Cobble Hill Towers that are adjacent to our site –

Some of the questions I gave him are:

– how do you approach large scale projects – your team, working with Architects, variety of consultants….

-what is most difficult with regards to zoning when building a large scale project?

-what types of incentives have you use?

– what do you feel are important design strategies when building a large scale project that benefit the community and building occupants?

What other questions would you ask him?


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Pre-BQE Map

I came across this old map before the BQE divided the neighborhood. Look how seamlessly the neighborhood was…..


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