How to Create a Blog

This semester we will be using blogs as a part of your daily work.  You will be responsible for creating and maintaining your blog.  You will have your individual blog and also for the first assignment will have a blog for each group for the site analysis.

Use this site to set up your free account for your blog for your project and for the group site work.

During the entire semester you will be required to keep all your research and design on a blog.  For the second class you will need to set up your site.  The name should be in this format:  ARCH3610F2014(first inital Last name) – for example:


or ARCH3610F2014Site1 – for the site analysis


Once you have set up your blog you will need to add my email address so that I can verify that you are posting and when.

-Under Settings


-Blog Send Address: 

Under Setting- Posts and Comments- select Anyone (under comments)

Show word verification: NO

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