Week 1: 

Feb 1st, 2021: Introduction to project. Introduction to Site.
Feb 3rd, 2021: Site Analysis Documentation 

Feb 1st, 2021: Lesson 1: What is Adaptive Reuse? -Prerecorded
Lesson 1a: Precedent Studies
Week 2 

Feb 8th, 2021: Site analysis (as a group) 

Feb 10th, 2021: Site Work/Model

Feb 8th, 2021: Lesson 2: Documentation of Site Analysis/ Examples of projects where site  analysis made changes that impacted design. SITE STRATEGY DIAGRAM**
Week 3 
Feb 15th, 2021 College Closed-President’s day

Feb 17th, 2021: Site Analysis Presentation/Intro to Project 1 requirements

Feb 22nd, 2021: Precedent Studies presentation

Feb 22nd, 2021:
Lesson 3: Programming ‚Äď Matrix and Bubble Diagrams/Design Alternative **
Week 4

Feb 24th, 2021: Schematic and program proposal

Mar 1st, 2021: Spatial Organization-Matrix/bubble diagram plans/section.

Mar 1st, 2021: Lesson 4: Parti / Developing Conceptual Ideas **
Week 5 
Mar 3rd, 2021: Parti Collages in class/Show examples of Concept Models

Mar 8th, 2021:  Massing models 3 from each Collage Reviewed

Mar 8th, 2021: Lesson 5: Entrance and  Outdoor space -Intro to Pinterest (TOGETHER)
Week 6
Mar 10th, 2021 :Development of massing/plans/section based on bubble diagram

Mar 15th, 2021:  Hybrid model/ Development of project/study model on site

Mar 15th, 2021:Lesson 6: Presentation Organization and Layout and Materials
Week 7
Mar 17th, 2021: Sectional and diagrammatic massing/plans

Mar 22nd, 2021: Mid-term Pin up 

Floor Plans with furniture layout  

Exterior elevation in context

Interior elevations


Lighting layout  

Color scheme 

3d representation, physical model and digital model

LAB: Mar 22nd, 2021: Lesson 7: Elevations, Entrance and Façade Lecture 
Week 8 

Mar 24th, 2021: Design alternatives - 3 different types of exterior materials / fenestration Façade 

SPRING BREAK Mar 27 - April 4, 2021

April 5th, 2021: Crit-continue to develop project with materials and fixtures 

LAB:   April 5th,2021: Lesson 8: Hostels, Structure
Week 9

April 7th, 2021: Design alternatives - Structure 

April12th, 2021: Desk Crit

LAB: April 12th, 2021: Lesson 9: ADA Bathroom **
Week 10 

Apr 14th, 2021: ADA Bathroom Blow up with materials, fixtures and layout/elevations 

Apr 19th, 2021: Desk Crit

LAB: Apr 19th, 2021: Lesson 10: Kitchen Lecture **
Week 11

April 21st, 2021: Kitchen Blow up sheet with materials, appliances and layout/elevations

April 26th, 2021: Desk Crit

LAB: April 26th, 2021: Lesson 11: Furniture Dimensions and Layout and Lobby **
Week 12

April 28th,2021: Furniture selection and placement in project 

May 3rd, 2021: Desk Crit

LAB: May 3rd, 2021: Lesson 12: Lighting/Flooring **
Week 13 
May 5th, 2021: Fixtures crit-Discussion of materials, lighting, and flooring in project

May 10th,2021: Desk Crit

LAB: May 10th,2021: Lesson 13: Final review. Review of presentation layouts and content 
Week 14 

May 12th, 2021: Desk Crits

May 17th, 2021: FINAL Presentations

LAB: May 17th,2021: Q&A  Final review
Week 15 

May 19th, 2021: FINAL Presentations

LAB:  May 24th, 2021: Final PDF Submittal

Final presentation: (in addition to midterm requirements) 
Long and Short Sections

Enlarged key spaces

Further 3d representation (perspectives, models etc.) adequate to convey the interior design.

Furniture plans including furniture cuts

Lighting plans including fixture cuts 

Materials board 
All drawings should be rendered. The layout should be a composition