Week 1

Aug 25th, 2021 Introduction to project. Introduction to Site.

LAB(Prerecorded): Aug 25th, 2021 Lesson 1: What is Adaptive Reuse?

Aug 30th, 2021 Site analysis  (as a group) -field trip Site visit

LAB: Aug 31st,2021  Lesson: Documentation of Site Analysis/ Examples of projects where site  analysis made changes that impacted design. SITE STRATEGY DIAGRAM

Week 2 

Sep 1st, 2021 Site Analysis Documentation

Sep 6-8 College Closed

Sep 13th, 2021 Site Work/Model

LAB: Sep 14th, 2021 Lesson 2: Precedent studies
Week 3 

Sep 15th, 2021 College Closed

Sep 20th, 2021 Precedent Studies presentation

LAB: Sep 21st, 2021 Lesson 3: Programming ‚Äď Matrix and Bubble Diagrams/Design Alternative

Sep 22nd, 2021 Site Analysis Presentation/Intro to Project 1 requirements
Week 4 

Sep 27th, 2021 Schematic and program proposal,

LAB: Sep 28th, 2021  Lesson 4: Parti / Developing Conceptual Ideas

Sep 29th, 2021 Spatial Organization-Matrix/bubble diagram plans/section.
Week 5  

Oct 4th, 2021  Parti Collages in class/Show examples of Concept Models

LAB: Oct 5th, 2021  Lesson 5: Entrance and  Outdoor space -Intro to Pinterest 

Oct 6th, 2021  Massing models 3 from each Collage Reviewed
Week 6        

LAB::Oct 12th , 2021 Lesson 6: Elevations, Entrance and Façade Lecture   

Oct 13th, 2021 Development of massing/plans/section based on bubble diagram

Oct 18th, 2021 Hybrid model/ Development of project/study model on site
Week 7 

LAB: Oct 19th, 2021 Lesson 7: Presentation Organization and Layout and Materials  

Oct 20th, 2021 Sectional and diagrammatic massing/plans
Oct 25th, 2021 Mid-term Pin up 

1- Precedent Studies
2- Site Strategy Diagram
3- Matrix (List of spaces)
4- Bubble Diagram
5- Collages
6- Conceptual Models
7- Hybrid Model
8- Massing Model on site
9- Diagramatic floor plans
10- Diagramatic sections
Week 8

LAB: Oct 26th,2021 Lesson 8: Hostels, Structure 

Oct 27th,2021 Design alternatives - 3 different types of exterior materials / fenestration Façade 

Nov 1st, 2021 Crit-continue to develop project with materials and fixtures 
Week 9

LAB: Nov 2nd, 2021 Lesson 9: ADA Bathroom 

Nov 3rd, 2021 Design alternatives - Structure 

Nov 8th, 2021 Desk Crit
Week 10

LAB: Nov 9th, 2021 Lesson 10: Kitchen Lecture

Nov 10th, 2021  ADA Bathroom Blow up with materials, fixtures and layout/elevations 

Nov 15th, 2021 Desk Crit
Week 11

LAB: Nov 16th, 2021 Lesson 11: Furniture Dimensions and Layout and Lobby

Nov 17th, 2021 Kitchen Blow up sheet with materials, appliances and layout/elevations

Nov 22nd, 2021 Desk Crit
Week 12

LAB: Nov 23rd, 2021 Lesson 12: Flooring

Nov 24th,2021 Furniture selection and placement in project 

Nov 29th, 2021 Desk Crit
Week 13

LAB: Nov 30th,2021 Lesson 13: Lighting

Dec 1st, 2021 Fixtures crit-Discussion of materials, lighting, and flooring in project

Dec 6th,2021 Desk Crit
Week 14

LAB: Dec 7th,2021 Lesson 14: Final review. Review of presentation layouts and content

Dec 8th, 2021 Desk Crits

Dec 13th, 2021 FINAL Presentations
Week 15

LAB: Dec 14th, 2021 Q&A  Final review 

Dec 15th, 2021 FINAL Presentations

Dec 20th,2021 Final Submission