P2: Assignment 2 – Massing and Parti

P2: Assignment 2 – Massing and Parti

For next class, develop massing (physical) models 1/8″ = 1′-0″ or 3D computer model of the new addition on the base of your current site. You must continue with you first concept – and will add 3-4 floors 35′-45′ to the existing. Your new addition must site on the base of the existing building, and relate back to your original parti.

There will be one floor for the public areas and then 2-3 floors to accommodate the sleeping rooms. The roof can be used for a terrace/common space.

Create the base model and develop 3 options for the massing of new addition. Think about the elements from the site analysis to help organize your massing. Remember the core – (2 fire stairs and 2 elevators). All hostel sleeping rooms must have windows.

Be prepared to bring in 3 models and sketches of possible layouts of the interior – plans/sections.

Remember your parti and the precedent studies……

All hostel rooms for sleeping need windows 30′ from property lines – no exception


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