Due for November Tuesday 17th – Prof. King’s Class

This is a very important deadline

You need to push yourself was we head into the last third of the semester.  We will be completing this project assignment before Thanksgiving and will start the final project.

Due for Tuesday: Posted in MIRO

Full set of all your drawings – see the assignment sheet listing posted here again for your convenience. Drawing Set Check List

Remember to update your partition types sheet.  For A-402/403 the exterior wall studies, the first sheet A-402 will include 3/4″ scale elevation/section/plan with callouts to 1 1/2″ scale details to be placed on A-403.  Remember that we try to present things with 4 matching views at the same scale, plan/section or 2 elevations & isometric.  Add annotations and detail items to these sheets.  In some instances the 3/4″ scale sheet (A-402) may need to be reduced to 1/2″ scale.  Remember we are focused on materials and how the exterior facade connects structurally back to the slab.

Screen Captures from Today’s Class

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