Due for Thursday October 15th – Prof. King

Videos from today are posted

Post your progress in MIRO

  • Move your teams reference materials for your building to the current Miro board
  • Post your updated sheets in MIRO – this is individual work that each of you must complete

Plan Dimensions and Grids

  • Be certain you have the correct dimensions for your building
  • Mostly grid line spacing should be round numbers like 30′ or 30’9″ but not 30’1 1/2″
  • Make sure your team is in agreement on what to label the grid lines

Layout your sheets

  • Plans
    • 1/8″ plans are a must – then figure out the required sheet size
    • If you need to divide it up onto multiple sheets
      • use (Duplicate as Dependent)
      • create a 1/16″ Key Plan
    • Number sheets properly
    • Name sheets properly
  • Exterior Elevations
    • Also at 1/8″ – as all of you have tall buildings this will take multiple sheets
    • You will also require a key elevation showing the full building – these may be at almost any scale needed including engineering scales (1/20″ etc.)

Review your building and work out dimensions for the following:

    • Do this for lobby level and typical floor
    • Stairs – location – size – number of treads
    • Elevators – sizes
    • Mechanical rooms or shafts – sizes
    • Corridor Walls – dimensions so they can be located

Sheet numbering and naming

  • Have an organized approach – you can create sheets as placeholders without putting any images on them – this way we can create a sheet list in class

Screen Captures from Today’s Class


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