Due Tuesday September 22 – Prof. King

Class Video – has been uploaded

Scavenger Hunt – Upload to Blackboard by Friday Sept. 18 Midnight

  • Pinup #1.4 – Your Final 3 Scavenger Hunt Studies.  Upload your Revit file and you three studies as a single PDF –
  • Pinup #1.5- Your Final Scavenger Hunt “Best Sheet”.  Upload your Revit file and a single PDF.

Steel Connections Assignment

  • Complete the assignment as described in the first PowerPoint tutorial.  Plot a single sheet to PDF and post this in Miro as the first Pinup.
  • You should be creating the following:
    • Grids and Levels
    • Steel Wide Flange Family
    • Steel HSS Round Column Family
    • Steel Square Column Family
    • Steel Wide Flange Beam
  • For all families be certain you are using the English-Imperial Generic Family
  • Make sure you follow the naming convention for the project file & all families.
  • For all families make sure you create the proper parameters and lock the geometry to all reference planes.
  • Be certain to change the category from Generic to Steel Connections.
  • Create the titleblock – follow all guidelines for creating this properly with your information, the course information, etc.
  • Create new view that match the layout in the tutorial.  – the isometric displays in correctly in the tutorial – they should be from opposite angles.
  • Also – the tutorial shows the dimension of the width of the Wide Flange as 13″ instead of 15″ or 1′-3″.  Please use 15″.

Screen Captures from Today’s Class


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