Due for Day 6 – Tuesday September 15th – Prof. King

The video from today is posted

Scavenger Hunt – 2 Study Final Pinup and Grading

  • Three studies are due for final grading.  These should be posted in our Miro pinup board.  If you can, complete each study on single sheet.  The goal is two sets of 4 views – for example for the stair one set it the full stair, plan, elevation, section and isometric and then select a second part of the stair – for example the rail post connection at the bottom or top – and create a second set of 4 views (plan, two elevations, isometric).
  • Remember to add annotation (notes/leaders/dimensions) and detail items and materials hatching.
  • Add a #4 at the bottom of your column of sheets and then add the three sheets below.

Screen Captures from Today’s Class


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