King – Due for Tuesday Sept 1 – Assignments and To Do List for Students

As a Team Complete the following:

Ice breaker cleanup

  • cleanup and make the ice breaker board look more professional.
  • Be sure you include all components for each student (Copy of your graphic ice breaker board, Photo of yourself (closeup portraits work best), Description.) If the description/interview was written by one of you then add the words (Written by:) If it was a group effort then you do not need to add anything more.
  • Make a second version of the team board that just includes your names and photos. You will add this board to all the Miro boards where you complete team assignments. (see below)

What do you see boards:

  • Select a team board for your group. Add your second version of the team board – that include your names and photos – next to your team board.
  • Label the two images on the team board.
  • Also add labels to the first image we started in class:

As an Individual

Steel Building Case Studies:

  • You need to identify and complete three steel building case studies High-Rise/Tower, Medium-Rise & Low-Rise.
  • Include the following information as a minimum. (Photographs, Floor Plan Drawings, Location Map, Identifying information including building name, client name, architect, size (sq. ft), date built, etc.)

Revit software: Make certain you have Revit installed and working on your computer. If anyone has an issue please email me ASAP so we can work to resolve issues.

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