Final Submission – Please Post

Please include the following:

1- Make sure all of your group presentations including the final are posted on your team websites on OpenLab.

The rest will be posted on Blackboard

2- Assuming your team presentation is uploaded on openlab – separate your specific final presentation and upload this to your blackboard account.  If you are not certain or unable to upload the team portion to OpenLab then include it in your upload here.

3-Include all of your final Autocad and Revit files.

4-Include a PDF printout of all of your drawings.  Please combine the Revit sheets with the Autocad Sheets.

5-Include all your research reference files in a PDF.  These are the resources that you referenced to develop your details.

6-If you redmarked any of the detail sheets – scan them and upload them as a PDF to the website. You can combine these with the full PDF set if you like.

If you have any other work – but are unsure if you should or should not include it – then add it in.

Lastly – enjoy the summer – it was good having you as students this semester and remember my door is always open.

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