Initium Narrative

For My narrative I chose the words: Transition… Dream… Interact…Play…Suspend.
Enjoy the story
          Walking is one of many means of transportation. It helps time fly when you’re having fun,
or it can be a source of therapy by letting you walk away your troubles. Now if you ever found
yourself walking across the Manhattan bridge; like many others you would find yourself
marveling at the structure at first then feel as if your walking in a dream when in fact you’ve
been walking for only 11minutes. As you come to the end of the bridge you notice that the path
begins to change. Your dream begins to transition itself back to reality. You see a small mob of
kids running around, laughing, enjoying the day just like you. You then get an invasion of scents
of the different kinds of fresh food that is being cooked. You come to realize that you are not in
a building but a small gateway that is welcoming you to Brooklyn. Yet you feel as if you are lifted
to cloud nine and continue enjoying the day. You pause your day to sit and soak up the warm
breeze and take in the waves of sounds that are emitted by the different vehicles going and
coming from their various journeys. You think about what a day you had and then wonder if it
really is a dream or just illusions beaming down from the mysterious structure that lays
before your feet; Initium.