What I learned this Semester

This semester I learned a lot of things. I learned that figure ground , picture plane and rhythm. A lot of art strategies that i was not aware of i learned as well. The biggest lesson however was making the color wheel by just using three colors. Learning that lesson took patience and consistency. However the outcome was amazing. The color part of this course in my opinion was the most exciting one, maybe because I love colors so much. But the techniques that i learned helped me improve from when i first started the class to now.

Value scale





From this project i learned how to go from either all white to black or all black to all white. I was able to learn how to differentiate different shades of grays. I was also able to learn the levels that it takes to get to all black or all white.


So I’m taking this class for a couple of reasons but the main one would have to be that it is related to my major. Im very interested in graphic designing. My design goal is toĀ improve in textures and design. The type of work thatĀ inspires me is work that hasĀ a lot of color, i love colors and animation as well as abstract. The more colorful and bright something is the better . I love street art as well as cartoons on tv. Those are a couple of things that inspire me as well as everyday things. i Love to work with pencils and markers mainly but paint is by far the best. i loveĀ outlining with a black sharpie, its makesĀ anything pop more(wellĀ atleast in my eyes). Projects that i would love toĀ collaborate with would probably be collages, murals, and more animation.Ā 


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