A man begins to have these flash backs, remembering that he was in an accident while on a plane but only able to remember that he saw the plane after the crash and knowing he is still alive but he begins to remember that he was being dragged.

He awakens in sweat and fear and begins to realize he’s in a room but he doesnt know where. He gets up off the bed he was in and looks around and see a night stand with his pocket items. Je sees his wallet, keys and lighter and goes for them and puts them in his pocket. He then turns his head and then he sees this door that wasnt there before but it could be the door he wasnt possibly bought through.

He walks to the door and stares at it for a while and seems to be thinking if he wasnt sure about what he’s going to do and if he should do it. He slowly reaches for the door knob and opens the door and sees nothing but darkness outside the door. He walks out into the dark and the door starts to slowly close behind him on its own but he doesnt seems to know.

The door slams shut behind him and startles him a little but now its gotten darker since the only light source was from the room he was in. But he remembers the lighter and takes it out of his pocket and tries to light it.  but then something charges at him from the darkness and seems to put alot of fear in his eyes. possibly the last thing he felt and last thing he saw was it.