#2: My Role as a Intern

Image Source: https://www.herzing.edu/blog/how-internships-can-benefit-you-personally-and-professionally

As I started looking for internships, I came across one on Chegg that seemed interesting to me because I thought how it would be to work at a magazine company. Once I got a reply back I had to a design test to see how they can my graphic design work and see if they would like to continue with me. The next step was to have a phone interview with the CEO which was great conversation and to learn what their company had to offer; my internship is until the end of May since I started late but she was very generous to have me on board.

My role within the company as their graphic designer is to create beautiful imagery for their social media posts so that it can be approved and send out to their social medias such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. I also took up the challenge in doing publications since my boss saw I had the potential to do more and learn from her coworkers. I designed a couple of publications that first starts as the Editors write out the article then send it to me to design the layout of the article and pass it along for critiques to fix.