The greatest thing life has to offer are the choices and options you have in order to continue walking on the path towards success.
I have been very passionate about art for as long as I can remember. As a child I would be elected to draw posters for the classroom, have been asked to participate in the art program the school offered and skills were acquired to even get in.
Throughout the years my skills became more enhanced. I developed skills in drawing with different mediums such as pastels, paint, charcoal, and ink. Anything that was used for coloring or outlining, I would get my hands on, even if it was moms eyeliner.
I was accepted by the High School of Art and Design and I believe that had to be a great accomplishment. Throughout the four years I attended that school, Art had been everything to me, especially Graphic Design. Who knew that a person could have so much fun creating logos for companies.
DDB Worldwide is an Advertising agency in which I was actually skilled enough to be an intern at. While working at DDB and attending school I had acquired so many talents. I was able to share my ideas and work as a team. Brainstorming in a group was very fun. I also learned at a fast pace so I had more time to learn new things.
I graduated the High School of Art and design and received two diplomas, the high school regents diploma and the Chancellors Art endorsed Diploma. It was another great accomplishment. After high school I have been doing a bit of freelancing just to get a taste of the demands of the real world. It was a great experience because I learned how to meet deadlines and give my client options.