…one of my influences

Hello! My name is Andre Jones: DJ, music producer, and owner of my own music label (Zodiac Thump Music). Though I’ve always been a communicator, (the first career I ever told anyone I wanted to have was “graphic arts”), graphic design didn’t present itself as my premier mode of communication until recently. I hadn’t considered since high school, but really came back to graphic design by way of music (another communication medium that I am passionate about).

The official Zodiac Thump Music logo (variant 1)!

The need for branding for my label (and being broke) forced me to create my own brand and marketing materials. After many music colleagues liked what they saw and how I presented, I started designing flyers, logos, and promotional materials on a freelance basis for others. Through pursuing music, I re-discovered that I had a bigger passion and natural skill for visual communication. In fact, the underlying theme in almost all of my creative work is my ability to simplify and communicate complex ideas.

Google “LibraClassic!”

After speaking with author and department chair Douglas Davis in April of 2019 (and looking at his unbelievable porfolio!), it became crystal clear what all of my previous endeavors had lead me to. After leaving my meeting with Davis’, I understood with crystal clarity that he was doing what I wanted to do (I also purchased his book, “Creative Strategy and the Business Of Design” – which highlights the need for graphic designers to know the language of business – BINGO). Though I am great at independent study, I knew that in order for me to become a master at my craft and HALF as good as Davis, I would need the formal education that City Tech would provide. For that reason, I specifically decided to study in Davis’ Communication Design curriculum here at City Tech – and here we are!