Case studies

Screenshot_2016-05-09-09-50-18Here we have the before picture of a young gentleman who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day. He wasn’t aware of what tartar or plaque was and did not brush properly or floss at all. He even at one point said “it’s just a little staining who cares?” As a result it led to the buildup you see here.


Here we have the after picture. He was incredibly surprised that the space he was feeling between his teeth was actually normal. He was very pleased and had a renewed enthusiasm about keeping up with oral hygiene. I personally was very excited for the young man. He became very interested in his oral appearance and watching him gain a new sense of confidence in not just his oral appearance but his ability to upkeep it was very rewarding.


In this picture the gentleman seen had an advanced cavity that penetrated past the enamel & dentin. Upon questioning patient admitted he did see it when he brushed but it was asymptomatic and did not further investigate.
IMG-20160503-WA0010 (1)

After treatment and education on his condition the patient was not only worried but he vowed to never neglect fluoride and to get his lesions treated.