About Me

My name is Angela Iacono and I am from Brooklyn, New York. I graduated high school with both an associates degree and a high school degree in the Summer of 2019. Throughout my entire life I have been drawing and for the longest time I knew that one day I could possibly make something out of it. After graduation I applied to City Tech where I major in Communication and Design mainly learning how to become a Graphic Designer. I thought this would come very natural to me because I have the ability to draw and hopefully a creative mind. However, graphic design is not drawing, it’s about visual communication by using typography, photography, and the occasional illustration. After learning more about graphic design I realized that it’s not as easy as it looks, plus since my high school wasn’t your average high school, no art class, no music, not even any assemblies, I felt and still feel light years behind the majority of the students in this major. However, with that knowledge I realize that I am more of an illustrator than I am a graphic designer. The more I do in graphic design the more I struggle with coming up with ideas and creative ways to convey a message graphically. I’ve always been and probably will most likely become an Illustrator.