Alicia Goncalves

I am a persevering student who immigrated alone to the United States three years ago to look for a better future. Although English is my second language, it did not stop me from furthering my education. I am from Nueva Esparta, a little Island of Venezuela, where the beaches are the principal tourist attraction. Growing up, I was exposed to different cultures since my parents are from Madeira, another tourist island in Portugal, where I had the opportunity to visit it a couples of times and I can say that its indigenous plants and animals are amazing.

My past experience as an intern with The School Construction Authority last summer, allowed me to develop valuable office skills, such as organization and communication. My current employment at Key Food supermarket as a cashier taught me valuable customer service skills by forcing me to communicate with customers in both English and Spanish. My next goal is to work in a hotel as a receptionist or get involved in a restaurant, where I can get more experience.

My career goal is to become a manager of my own restaurant, because with my discipline and hard work I will be able to manage my own business. I am also enthusiastic to learn about different cultures and how they unify.


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