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Could you download this zip file and play around this animation?

And then,
Create at least 3 different size of balls.
Make a more complected slope that has several obstacles (shafts, bars).

Put gravity and contacts (boundary condition) . Then create an animation.

The animation should be uploaded to youtube. Put a link of animation here.

Day 05

Due to the storm this afternoon and tonight, I’d like you to be safe and stay home, instead of coming to the classroom. I’ll give you an online EX now. Please stay home or go back home earlier. Keep checking openlab. I’ll take attendance online soon.

When you arrive home and feel warm, start doing EX05/HW05 that I uploaded. Have a safe, warm night! MRN – 3/2 5:40pm Updated

Let me take online attendance – 3/2 6:00pm Updated
1. Ryan (email)
2. Edith
3. Marius
4. Bojan
5. Seymur
6. Rennison
7. Shihab
8. Sterling
9. Xavier
10. Xiao Cheng