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Challenge: Disruptive Ideas for Aerospace and Security

Dear class,

Please see the following challenge opportunity.

Prof. Nakamura

Can we break the barriers set by the aerospace and security industries?

Lockheed Martin is searching for breakthrough ideas that will transform the aerospace and security industries in the coming decade. This could be your chance to help pave the way for next generation solutions utilizing autonomy, human augmentation, or blockchain technologies. These technologies are enabling powerful new innovations entering the market and will have a significant impact on future platforms. This challenge is seeking out the best novel ideas for innovations that will help shape the future of these industries.

Solvers aged 18 or older are invited to compete in this global challenge for a chance to win a grand prize of $20,000. Interested in participating? Sign up now!

Project I

Using SolidWorks make an animation related to Mechanical Engineering such as gears, pistons, sharts using any type of animation (kinematics or physics-based[dynamic] simulation). Make a movie file and upload it to youtube or other video sites. Provide a link here. Submit your work by Friday.